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Dec. 16, 2020

Relieving Cancer Through Yoga with Jessica Catlin

Relieving Cancer Through Yoga with Jessica Catlin

How one woman eased her suffering with the tools of yoga


When Jessica Catlin found out she had cancer she turned to yoga to ease her suffering.  She joins us to share how her practice helped her through the tough diagnosis of colorectal cancer, but also the pandemic and unemployment.  Jessica is an advocacy and marketing pro who has advised elected officials, corporate CEOs and wellness organizations, as well as a registered yoga teacher. At 39 she was diagnosed with stage three colorectal cancer and her yoga practice is what gave her the resilience that she needed to beat that disease.


[2:21] Jessica’s yoga journey

[3:30] Her desire to make yoga accessible

[6:59] How mindfulness gave her strength

“I learned that from yoga, you know, just stay focused on what it is that needs to get done right now. And the future will be there for you.”

[10:08] How yoga helps with focus

[12:45] Why gratitude was a big lesson for her

[14:22] Her gratitude practice

[18:06] Jessica talks about surrender as a yogic tool for her recovery

[21:56] The challenge of getting a diagnosis

[24:36] The chemo experience

[25:52] Her support system

[27:30] Jessica’s self-care

“It was through cancer that I really said to myself, you know, God, I have to invest more time in my relationships.”

[30:51] How she found gratitude for her cancer diagnosis

“I think when you are faced with a life or death situation, it really makes everything else feel almost trivial. And there's a level full of freedom in that, that I just cannot overstate”

[33:20] Managing expectations and re-evaluating priorities

[35:33] Jessica’s favorite yoga pose and why it is so special now

[38:03] Why you have to speak up for your health

Connect with Jessica:

Linked in:  http://linkedin.com/in/jessicacatlin

Jessica’s article on yogapose.com:  https://yogapose.com/articles/how-yoga-helped-me-crush-cancer-and-crisis/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jlcatlin/

Your brain on yoga documentary:  https://yogapose.com/your-brain-yoga

Take Jessica’s weekly gentle yoga class Sundays at 6 central: https://metroyogachicago.com/classes/

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