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Producing this podcast is a dream come true for me and I cherish the opportunity to bring it to you (almost) every week.  It is a passion project for sure to inform and elevate the profession of yoga by having expert guests and solo episodes; but there are costs associated with maintaining a podcast such as editing tools, podcast hosting platforms, Zoom pro, podcast webpage, equipment, and more.  


My next step will be to hire an assistant to help with production of the show and for that I will need ongoing support.


If you are loving the show and feel like you would like to provide an energetic exchange, then feel free to click on the Paypal link and deposit whatever feels nourishing to you to help us offset the costs of keeping the podcast going.  If a monetary contribution isn't in your budget you can also support by sharing the podcast with your friends or in social media, writing a great review, and subscribing on all of the platforms such as Apple, Spotify, I Heart Radio, Amazon music, Audible, and more.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a dedicated listener and for all of your support!