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Yoga and cancer care

Thank you, Pamela and Maryam. This is great conversation, and I am sharing with my clients who are touched by cancer. I appreciate Maryam’s vast wisdom from the lifestyle to the yoga philosophy that could be applied as cancer care.

SYTAR recap episode

Thank you, Pamela. It was great to have you in the space of Trauma conversations. Looking forward to listening Maryam’s episode. One of the highlights at SYTAR for me was meeting you in person finally as your podcast fan!!😊

Yoga and Equestrians.

Very informative Kristen is knowledgeable in her yoga and riding skills.

Honest, intelligent conversation

Fabulous topics, guests and conversations that get me thinking. Pamela is a excellent host and keeps the podcast interesting and approachable for listeners.

Great conversations!

Is always nice to hear a real and wise conversations in one place. Thank you, Pamela for creating that space for us.

Truly a podcast for everyone!

This podcast is great for anyone who is into entrepreneurship, yoga, or just good vibes overall! Pamela makes you feel welcomed and gives all sorts of useful information.

Loving this!

This is an amazing podcast for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and anyone interested in the the healing aspects of yoga. Pamela hosts acclaimed yoga therapists as her guest speakers that share incredible information. I am so glad that I’ve come across her podcast. There is a wealth of knowledge here!

Great information!

Pamela has great guests and the conversations bring you up to speed on whats' going on in the fast-changing landscape of yoga therapy. Love it!


Excellent podcast! As a yoga therapist I’m often looking for new information to inform my teaching and practice. This podcast goes deeper than many. I always learn something new when I listen that I can incorporate into my work.

A great resource!

This podcast is great! I really like the relaxed nature of the interview and appreciate the questions Pamela asks. The guests are varied and bridge the yoga world with other modalities which is interesting.