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Nov. 18, 2020

Compassionate Social Justice with Marsha Banks-Harold

Compassionate Social Justice with Marsha Banks-Harold

Cultivating Compassion for Marginalized Populations


How can we cultivate compassion to be more effective promoters of social justice work? Marsha Banks-Harold joins us to share her personal and professional expertise on compassionate social justice.  Marsha is a certified yoga therapist, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, YACEP, RPT, RCYT, and BSC. She is the owner of Pies Fitness Yoga Studio and the creator of the flagship yoga class, My Body Don’t Bend That Way.


[2:01] Marsha describes the amazing experience of her first yoga class

[5:58] Body shaming in the yoga space

“This is a time in 2020, really to embrace accepting everyone and really just believing that regardless if your size two or 20, or whatever that number is for you; that if you meet yourself where you are and you have an experienced yoga teacher or yoga therapists that has a good heart, that will really take the time to adjust and hold space for you-then your experience will be just as transforming.”

[8:57] Making assumptions and creating safe spaces

[9:49] Marsha defines compassionate social justice

[12:09] Using yoga philosophy to address social justice

[14:43] Helping people to be heard and seen

[17:05] Svadhyaya as a path to authenticity

[18:45] Having uncomfortable conversations to build relationships

“If we bring in yoga therapy, we connect together- we collaboratively work through with ‘What are the solutions?’”

[21:16] Bringing agency to marginalized communities, holding space, and building resiliency

[23:44] Intention and impact of actions

[24:44] Ideas for bringing people together and shift perspective

[27:28] Social justice in the yoga studio

“I talk a lot in my studio about learning opportunities; not just in my studio, but in life. Every situation that comes up is an opportunity to learn.  It may not be a really warm and fuzzy learning experience, but you'll still learn from it.”

[31:53] Racial trauma and microaggressions

[35:27] Marsha shares a personal story

[40:35] Svadhyaya and setting boundaries

[42:52] Marsha shares her favorite yoga therapy tools

Interact with Marsha:​

Interact with Pamela:​ 

Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.