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Nov. 25, 2020

Authentic Social Media Marketing with Madison Crane

Authentic Social Media Marketing with Madison Crane

Navigating social media for true connection


Navigating social media can be a huge frustration for yoga professionals who are trying to be authentic in their marketing.  Madison Crane joins us to help us figure out the best way to decide what platforms to use and gives some specific tips to help us use our social media effectively.  She has an MBA in Social Entrepreneurship, and is the owner of Madison Crane Marketing and co-owner of an English language academy called Speak Alive. She's also a project manager for the social media management company Schedult.


[2:01] Why she started working in social media

[3:30] Madison talks about how social media marketing is not about selling and advertising

[5:52] How to decide on which platforms to use

“If you want to use Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn, you can post the same posts. On all three, even though some of them have different features. But I like to create bigger posts for LinkedIn because they have the availability to use up more space on there.”

[9:23] Why you should use Instagram stories

“If you post maybe three videos of yourself talking and people click through, but they finish your whole row of stories. Then that looks better than if they just exit out of your stories because you've talked too much or put something too long on there.”

[13:45] Making stories relevant

[15:51] Using the platform’s features to get more traction

[17:22] When and where to add links

“All platforms want you to spend more time on them because that means more ad money. Right? So anything you're doing, you're like, okay, does this help my followers spend more time then probably the algorithm is going to like it.”

[19:50] Different types of content that engages

[26:36] How to maximize hashtags.

[31:51] Madison talks about the benefits of using the free app Canva for graphic design and how you can save time by making templates

[35:41] Why consistency is important

[36:22] Connection and selling

[37:25] The importance of branding

[41:16] Best practices for interacting with followers genuinely

[44:50] Madison talks about batching and scheduling posts

[48:26] When to hire someone to help with posts and ads

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Social media scheduler that Pamela uses:  https://publer.io/pamelacrane (1 free token when using this affiliate link)

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Music:  The State of Things (The Bouncy Song) by Rena Wren is used with permission.